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1 year ago

Economics has always been viewed as a difficult and unenjoyable subject, which is why many students seek the help of an Economics tutor. In Junior College, students are required to learn brand new concepts and techniques, which can be challenging for everyone. Economics tutor Anthony Fok understands this and uses his unique teaching methods to cater to students at both ends of the spectrum. Mr Fok’s lessons provide a need to keep up and stay focused, resulting in a deeper understanding and greater knowledge of the topic.

Unlike school teachers who might not have the time to cater to students individually, Mr Fok takes care of every student in his class. His patience and ability to connect with each student, regardless of their academic standings, result in everyone benefiting from his classes. Mr Fok’s teaching methods include storytelling and handwriting hardcopy notes, engaging students and allowing them to develop both academically and holistically.

Students often favour easier topics in Economics, but Mr Fok believes that engaging them in the topics they do not like is extremely important. This will enable them to understand all aspects of the subject and perform better in exams, where questions can be unpredictable.

In addition to teaching Economics, Mr Fok also weaves life lessons into his stories, further engaging students and allowing them to develop not only academically, but holistically as well. His passion for Economics and the well-being of his students is evident through his hard work and perseverance. Mr Fok teaches full days on weekends at two different locations while rigorously planning lessons throughout the week. As the year progresses, he doubles the number of economics tuition lessons and its duration, which is a testament to his high distinction rate in the annual A Level Examinations.

By joining Mr Fok’s economics tuition classes in Singapore, students can maximize their learning experience and develop a deeper understanding of Economics. Economics will no longer seem like a chore, but instead a subject that is enjoyable to study.

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