Testimonials - JC Economics

“Mr Fok has really helped me in Economics. I jumped from a U grade in my school’s preliminary examinations to an A grade in the A level examinations. His explanation of economic analysis and topics are very easy to understand. He also gives us a lot of examples so it eventually got easier for me to know which term to place where. He is also very encouraging and approachable when I didn’t understand concepts. I definitely could not have gotten the A without his help.”

Nerin Kaur (Innova Junior College)


“In my two years with Mr Fok, I have tremendously improved in my understanding of economics concepts and genuinely enjoy every single of his classes. He is able to relate back foreign and difficult economic concepts to us, allowing us to be better able to understand such concepts. Through his humor, I can fully understand such concepts while having fun. Thanks to Mr Fok, I am able to constantly achieve ‘A’ in Economics for all major examinations during the two years in Anglo-Chinese Junior College and my A level examinations in 2018. I even topped my cohort in the 2018 J2 Mid-Year Examinations. He also never fails to reply to our questions on WhatsApp, even late at night before major examinations. I highly recommend Mr Fok to anyone looking to grasp a better understanding to this new subject while at the same time having fun” 

Lim Jia Ying (Anglo-Chinese Junior College)


“I enrolled Mr Fok’s tuition class after getting a U for my econs halfway through JC1. I’m happy to say that he has played a big part in helping me get an A for A levels! He is good at explaining concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner that really helped me learn them quickly and well. Mr Fok is also a caring teacher and even offers to mark our assignments and practices for free in his own free time if we need feedback on our progress that our school teachers may not be able to provide. The resources he prints for us every week are also more than sufficient for our learning. He also tells a lot of stories about his life and imparts some life lessons to us, which makes his class more fun and enjoyable.”

Sapphire Poh (National Junior College)


“Mr Fok is a great and inspiring teacher who helped me lift my economics grade from U to A. I definitely couldn’t have done it without him and I’m really thankful for him. He explains concepts clearly and his lessons are never boring with his interesting stories. One thing I really like about him is that he really cares for his students and readily helps them whenever they need help. Thank you for your never ending support, Mr Fok ☺”

Jin Yang (St. Andrew’s Junior College)


“I find Mr Fok’s lessons highly useful in helping me do well for Economics. What is expected in Economics exams is not the same as what is covered in lectures and tutorials, and Mr Fok’s lessons helped to bridge this gap effectively through revising key concepts, looking at important examples and learning the skills to apply these to exam questions. He also provides numerous Economics resources for his students, and this has supported me significantly in my revision and practice for exams as a way to assess my learning and to familiarize myself with exam techniques. His lessons are also entertaining and he manages to find interesting ways to teach Economics concepts, which allows me to better grasp and retain these ideas. I feel that the progress I have made in Economics in JC has been significantly aided by Mr Fok’s lessons, especially since I was rather busy with many commitments in JC and his lessons helped me to consolidate my Economics knowledge quickly and effectively so that I could devote more time to other areas as well. I am grateful for all the advice and support that he has given to his students.”

Darren Chua (Raffles Institution)