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Welcome to JCEconomics
Economics Tuition in Singapore

The key learning and academic objective is of course, an ‘A’ grade. As in line with our tried and tested methodology, all our students are trained in the art of creating effective and impactful arguments, with substance.

We don’t just breed academically successful students, we breed critical thinkers and scholars. The skills taught and put into action not only show in the ranks of our ‘A’ grade students, they show in their paths after graduation as well.

The skillset we cultivate in our students pays dividends in other areas as well. A solid showing and performance in the A levels for economics demonstrates  a critical and systemic worldview of the economic system we live in. This perspective is both valuable to future employers, as well as when making personal financial decisions.

We accomplish these goals by using our proprietary methodology that encourages students to apply ‘dry’ economic theories and concepts to real life scenarios.

One such example was the effect of demand and supply on sale prices of the latest Apple iphone 12, and previous models.

As such, the skills learnt in our lectures are not just dead and limited to exams and in academic institutions, but also in real life scenarios. The development of transferable knowledge and skills learnt in our lectures mean that our graduates are not only able to excel in set topics by spotting them, but are also able to transfer these skills to unexpected and unforeseen variations within the ‘A’levels.

Our principal tutor Anthony Fok sets standards for every lesson, so that his charges utilize each lecture fully.

Every lesson is honed, refined and adapted to fit the latest syllabus and teaching techniques as set by MOE.

Tutor's Foreword

Hundreds of students have gone through the doors of JCEconomics and each have benefitted tremendously from the Economics tuition lessons provided by Mr Anthony Fok.They come from many different Junior Colleges, with different aptitudes and personalities. What they do have in common, however, is the faith they have in Mr Anthony and more crucially, in themselves.

Every Economics student has it in them to do well, and so do you. All you need to open your very own door to success is finding the right approach under proper guidance.

Some students come here because their parents signed them up. Many are referred by other students who found JCEconomics tuition helpful and effective. Practically all of them come here in hopes of getting that seemingly elusive ‘A’. Many end up achieving that goal, and many even leave tuition with not simply knowledge pertaining to Economics, but also essential life skills that serve them in good stead in the future.

Why Choose JC Economics Education Centre?

Comprehensive Economics notes and video lessons

Technology-mediated lessons to further enhance learning

Questions from Past-Year Economics Papers

Strategies and Tips to Score

Examination Common Pit-falls and Misconceptions Highlighted

A-Level examiners’ comments and feedback

Mock examinations

Whatsapp support for students to clarify doubts even after tuition hours

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