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by jceconomics
4 years ago

The rigorous and challenging lifestyle of Junior College can definitely be alleviated through the help of a great tutor. Especially in new subjects where students might be too raw to adopt that flare instantly. This is the case for many students when choosing to pursue Economics in Junior College.

The necessity of a good Economics Tutor in the highly competitive subject is crucial if a student is striving for a distinction. Economics is a difficult subject to study on one’s own as the completely complex and foreign concepts usually puts students off in the beginning. The subjective view of concepts and explanations present in school notes might not be sufficient for some students due to each student’s different style of learning and pace of understanding. However, by attending JC Economics, Mr Anthony Fok will definitely silence all of your doubts and questions. His unmatched patience and love for teaching Economics will undoubtedly develop and pique a student’s interest in studying Economics. The real life experiences and stories woven into each and every concept will make classes extremely engaging and captivating. Students will always be at full attention in order not to miss out on any details about both the stories and the concepts. His handwritten notes are comprehensive and easy to understand, a stark contrast from some notes provided at schools, which are complex and too wordy. Furthermore, the presentation of his notes and the constant emphasis of key concepts will subconsciously engrave themselves into the minds of students. A common misconception that students have is that a thorough understanding of content will guarantee a distinction.Instead, applying the correct concept and answering framework to the appropriate question is what results in a distinction. When attending JC Economics tuition centre in Singapore, students will never have this misconception as the detailed and meticulous preparation of Mr Anthony Fok will result in students gaining enough experience to spot and answer questions accurately and efficiently. Every question comes with a clear and simple solution which will propel students forward with confidence to excel independently.

Equipped with the adequate skills and techniques, Mr Anthony Fok continues to push students both in and out of the classroom. His vigorous schedule speaks for itself in demonstrating that hard work is a recipe for success. Teaching at different locations, his passion and love for educating students about Economics is on full display. Throughout the year, his effort levels are no doubt on a steady increase. While juggling both JC1 and JC2 economics students, each preparing for major exams in the yearly promotional examinations and the grueling A Level examinations respectively, Mr Anthony Fok sacrifices rest to ensure that students are fully prepared and have fully clarified their doubts. The increase in the number of lessons and it’s duration provides an important opportunity for students to refresh and revise all economics content, practice every technique, but most importantly, clarify all doubts. By joining JC Economics Tuition Centre and Mr Anthony Fok on your journey to reach that elusive distinction, his teaching will let you leave the examination with no regrets, and little doubt.

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